Sexy penis pictures and photos of Jason Biggs. You must simply adore this guy with a hunky body! Jason Matthew Biggs is an American actor who is best known for his role as Jim Levenstein in the American Pie series of teen comedy films.

Information for Jason Biggs:
Nationality: American
Cock size: 6.8 inches
Birthday: 1978-05-12
Born in: Pompton Plains, New Jersey, USA
Current occupation: Actor
Jason Biggs is best known for: Kidnapping Caitlynn (2009), Happiness Isn’t Everything (2009) (TV), Lower Learning (2008), My Best Friend’s Girl (2008), Over Her Dead Body (2008), The Glitch (2007) (V), I’m in Hell (2007) (TV), The Pleasure of Your Company (2006), Eight Below (2006), Guy X (2005), Jersey Girl (2004), Anything Else (2003), American Wedding (2003), Prozac Nation (2001), American Pie 2 (2001), Saving Silverman (2001), Loser (2000), Boys and Girls (2000), American Pie (1999), Camp Stories (1997), The Boy Who Cried Bitch (1991), Mike Mulligan and His Steamshovel (1991)

Biggs was born in Pompton Plains, New Jersey, the son of Angela, a nurse, and Gary Biggs, a shipping company manager. Biggs is Italian American and Roman Catholic; he has mentioned in interviews that he is sometimes cast as an explicitly or implicitly Jewish character, as he was in American Pie, though he is not Jewish himself.

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